Zika? No sex? Suddenly, Florida politicians panic – Orlando Sentinel

Orlando Sentinel

Zika? No sex? Suddenly, Florida politicians panic
Orlando Sentinel
The London Telegraph telegraphed: "Sex ban recommended for British tourists in Florida after Zika outbreak." Suddenly, people started rethinking their vacations — and Florida politicians decided they needed to take this seriously. Maybe the threat of
Wynwood Yard closes over Zika scare; happy hour and food tours also shutterMiami Herald

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12 Things That Will Absolutely Happen On Your First Vacation as a Couple – Cosmopolitan.com


12 Things That Will Absolutely Happen On Your First Vacation as a Couple
How else will you preserve your memories and gain the approval of your peers we all so desperately crave? The iconic "we're serious enough about each other to go on vacation together Insta" is honestly worth it though. 5. You will have. So. Much. Sex.

Spicing It Up While On Vacation

When Jessica and Bill decided to go on vacation they also decided to spice up their love life a little bit. Enjoying the sites and the time away from home also allowed them to put their guard down a bit and explore some new options in their relationship that they would otherwise not have tried. While they discussed what they wanted to try, and what they would not do, they settled on a male escort coming to their hotel room for a little while to put on a little show.

As Jessica and Bill returned to their room they received a knock on the door. Bill answered the door and greeted the strong, young looking man, inviting him in. He explained to the man what he wanted him to do than walked him in to introduce him to his wife. Bill sets the music on, and then turned and walked away from the two, leaving Jessica alone with a man that was built like a model with looks to match. She is thrilled with excitement as the escort begins to dance slowly and erotically, first removing his shirt and giving her an ample glance at his physique.

He then begins to dance a little more, removing more clothing with each move that he makes. She in turn is laying on the bed watching the entire scene unfold and feeling her self-getting warm, and a little wet. The escort continues until he is standing there above her, naked and still dancing as Bill walks back in. This is the cue for the escort to leave so that Bill can than finish what was started. His wife is now wet, wild and ready to do just about anything Bill wants. The escort quickly dresses and leaves, leaving the hot couple to do things they have been longing to do for far too long.

Bill told Jessica to close her eyes and picture the dancer above her as he started squeezing her breasts and teasing her nipples. She was already hot, and Bill was making her want to scream. He slowly kissed his way down her body, tickling her thighs as he pushed them apart. He started ravaging her clit and before long she was begging him to put his cock inside her.

As Bill pounded his wife into submission he reflected on the male escort. What an easy way to take care of foreplay!

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If You’re Expecting Great Sex On Vacation, You’ll Probably Be Disappointed – Huffington Post Canada

Huffington Post Canada

If You're Expecting Great Sex On Vacation, You'll Probably Be Disappointed
Huffington Post Canada
Of the 2,000 adults questioned the survey found that almost a fifth said their phones and tablets get in the way of their sex life while on vacation, with 15 per cent admitting that they have less sex on holiday than they do at home because of their
Want an intimate vacation with your partner? Leave your phone behindHindustan Times
Durex Takes Couples on Tech Free Vacation to See If They Have More SexCreativity
Are you more connected to your phone than your partner? 52% expect better sex on holiday but most are disappointedSowetan Live (press release) (registration) (blog)

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